Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax

Valuation Services for Alternative Investment Funds

Our experience ranges across family partnerships, private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital funds and fund of funds. Andersen Tax provides valuation services for fund principals, the funds themselves and their portfolio companies.

Andersen Tax is unique in our deep expertise with all of the stakeholders in a fund—the fund, the general partner, the portfolio companies, the individual principals and the fund investors. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on both the funds and the partners, providing value-added planning along with practical solutions to the administrative complexities of funds.

Andersen Tax also has significant experience assisting portfolio companies of all stages and industries with valuations related to issuing stock options consistent with IRC Sec. 409A regulations, as well as acquisitions of intangible assets and other GAAP-related valuations. 

Our valuation services can assist the following stakeholders:

  • Fund principals: Andersen Tax works closely with fund principals to assist them with estate and gift tax appraisals related to their FLPs, carried interests and other interests. 
  • Funds themselves: Fund management often faces valuation issues with regard to the value of portfolio holdings or interests in their respective funds. Accounting Standards Codification 820 (ASC 820) has changed the way private equity firms and investment partnerships must report the fair value of financial investments. Due to the complexity and variety of investments for which there is no active market, private equity firms, hedge funds, endowments and other investors often require independent valuations of these asset classes. Andersen Tax has significant experience addressing fair value measurement issues.
  • Portfolio companies: We provide valuations related to issuing stock options consistent with IRC Sec. 409A/ASC Sec. 718, as well as acquisitions of intangible and tangible assets and other GAAP-related valuations. 
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