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Integrated Personal Income Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax planning for significant wealth requires a high level of technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of each client. We take an integrated approach to tax planning and consider not just your personal income tax situation, but the impact of all your business, investment and charitable interests so that your tax services are coordinated with an awareness of your total tax and financial posture.

We do not view the tax planning process as an annual event. Rather, Andersen Tax professionals are committed to helping you meet your tax planning objectives on a continual basis. Effective tax planning requires attention year round, so that we know what you are trying to accomplish and can deliver effective solutions in a way that integrates seamlessly with your financial life.

Further, we are forward-looking and take a multi-year approach to planning. We will help you evaluate not just your current tax situation but also anticipate future transactions, events and changes in tax laws.

The comprehensive income tax services offered by Andersen Tax professionals include:

  • Tax return preparation using proprietary methodology designed not only to ensure accuracy but also to identify tax planning opportunities 
  • Integration of income tax planning and compliance with partnership, corporate and charitable entities so that all services are coordinated with an awareness of the total tax and financial situation
  • Multi-year tax planning including maximizing the benefit of timing income and deductions
  • Gaining maximum tax benefits from charitable giving
  • Multistate individual taxation, including residency issues, income-sourcing and minimization of state and local taxes
  • Identification of tax-efficient opportunities for single stock concentration and diversification issues
  • Planning to maximize the tax benefit from investment related expenses, investment interest expense and capital losses
  • Alternative minimum tax (AMT) planning to minimize the loss of deductions to the AMT as well as the adverse effects on the effective tax rate
  • Quarterly tax projections designed to ensure timely filings, protect against interest and penalties, and facilitate cash-flow management
  • Representation and support in IRS or state tax audits
  • Legislative updates to inform you of tax changes and opportunities