Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax


Pre-Marital / Marital Dissolution Financial Planning

Andersen Tax brings a high level of sophistication and expertise to address the tax and financial issues that arise in a pre-marital situation or a marital dissolution. Clients appreciate our ability to coordinate and integrate tax, valuation, financial and practical considerations to the planning process. We have a unique familiarity with the complex financial lives of individuals and families associated with substantial wealth. Our assistance frequently extends well beyond the marital union or dissolution process to assist with the continued management of the divided wealth.

Following are some of the services that we provide to assist clients with the challenges of efficiently creating an equitable division of assets:

  • Measurement of the deferred tax liability associated with marital assets to ensure equitable division of after-tax assets
  • Planning to mitigate tax consequences associated with the division of marital assets
  • Revision of estate planning in consideration of changes to marital status in a way that preserves and enhances any existing wealth transfer planning
  • Valuation of marital assets
  • Provision of expert advice and other assistance with dispute resolution
  • Evaluation of alternatives for funding a marital settlement