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Personal Information Management

Andersen Tax clients are accustomed to receiving personal, reliable, and valuable service from our tax and financial planning professionals. Now, Andersen Tax is extending this capability beyond the walls of your office to provide personalized, convenient and secure management of your most important documents through The Andersen Tax Extranet, our online document management system.

The Andersen Tax Extranet is a secure online tool for managing your information assets. From tax returns to birth certificates, deeds to financial statements, The Andersen Tax Extranet keeps your documents organized, accessible, protected and at your fingertips. Free yourself from the hassle of managing all of your critical documents and let Andersen Tax do it for you.

Five Steps to Document Management Freedom
1. Andersen Tax will meet with you to identify your specific needs and develop an organizational structure that works for you.
2. Send us your scanned files (or we can work with you to identify other scanning options).
3. We’ll place your files into an encrypted online vault according to the organizational structure you identify based on your needs.
4. Contact your Andersen Tax Support Team to add, modify and organize files as needed.
5. Access your files anytime, anywhere.


Free up some real estate in your file cabinet by converting all of your paper files into a digital/online format. We will create a custom organizational structure for your online document vault so you can find files quickly and easily.

Powerful Search Capabilities
You will never have to spend hours looking for a document again. With the Andersen Tax Extranet, all of your documents will be organized in one safe place. Browse for files using the “Folder View,” or utilize the search capabilities to find exactly what you need in just a few clicks.

24/7/365 Access to Your Files
Access all of your most important documents anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to gain access.

Secure File Sharing
Share files securely among advisors, family members, and other individuals according to the pre-established permissions. Andersen Tax will work with you to identify the appropriate levels for your needs and based on your structure. Permissions are granular, meaning you have control over who can view each document, when they view it and for how long.

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