Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax


Establishing Your Family Office

We help individuals and families with the process of forming a family office through activities such as:

  • Defining the overall organizational structure and resource needs of the family office
  • Assessing financial system needs, setting up general ledgers and subsidiary accounting ledgers, and assisting with selection and implementation of appropriate technology
  • Establishing and implementing policies, procedures and internal controls
  • Facilitating development of budgets and forecasts
  • Developing financial and management reporting packages
  • Designing and implementing cash/banking structure, opening accounts, ordering checks, etc.
  • Facilitating information flow with service providers (e.g., payroll companies, banks)
  • Establishing filing systems
  • Structuring for income tax efficiency

During the family office start-up period, we also provide staff to help with day-to-day accounting functions such as bill paying, general ledger accounting and financial reporting. Once the office is ready, we ensure a smooth transition of these functions to internal staff.

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