Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax

Private Equity

Andersen Tax specializes in independent, objective and practical planning advice for successful private equity firms, their general partners and portfolio companies.

While private equity ownership can provide significant opportunities through hedge, venture and buy-out investments, the complexity created due to cash flow, valuation, distribution, diversification and family transfers can result in significant tax planning needs.

Andersen Tax can help. Our professionals have extensive experience assisting private equity funds and their partners and are fluent with multiple aspects of private equity investing. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on the funds and their partners, assisting them to plan for and make decisions that will help them achieve their goals on a tax-efficient basis. We offer an organized, experience-based approach.

Andersen Tax advises several of the largest private equity funds and their partners in the United States and continues to address the complex issues facing the industry. While not exclusive, the following represents some of the expertise we bring to our individual clients:

  • Strategies for carried interest ownership including analysis of prospective legislation
  • Diversification of wealth concentration
  • Post-diversification consulting
  • Qualified small business stock (QSBS) considerations

Andersen Tax also serves as a critical member of the advisory team to private equity funds to help them confront some of today’s most pressing topics, including:

  • Management fee structuring
  • Distribution timing and execution
  • Portfolio company structuring
  • Planning for portfolio company executives
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