Efrat Y.  Avigdor

Efrat Y. Avigdor

Managing Director

Efi Avigdor has over 18 years of experience specializing in sophisticated income and estate tax planning for high net worth individuals and families. She partners with her clients to develop, implement and maintain personal tax planning strategies that address their evolving needs and objectives, from both a tax-efficiency and a wealth-transfer perspective. Using family partnerships and family office structures, grantor retained annuity trusts and intentionally defective trusts, and similarly minded charitable-giving vehicles, Efi dedicates herself to making the most of the complex opportunities afforded to her client base.

Efi serves fund founders and managers, Wall Street executives, and other individuals who seek both a tax professional and a trusted advisor. In addition, she counsels executive groups, trustees and executors, and family offices.

Before joining Andersen Tax, Efi served with Deloitte and Arthur Andersen where she focused primarily on private client service work as well as on international specialty tax projects.