Christopher Carreira

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Working at Andersen Tax has led to the creation of lasting friendships, many of which are with the same individuals I met during my first week with the firm years ago.
Greenwich, Connecticut
Private Client Services
University of South Carolina, BS (Finance & Management)
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Although my arrival at Andersen Tax was happenstance, I could not be more thankful that things happened as they did as it led me to a career that continues to challenge and motivate me every day.


What is your current role?

As a Director within the Private Client Services group, I focus on providing compliance and consulting services to high net worth individuals and their families, with an emphasis on income, fiduciary, estate and generational wealth transfer tax issues as well as charitable planning and tax-exempt formations.

Where and what did you study as an undergraduate?

I attended the University of South Carolina where I studied Finance and Management.

Do you have any higher education degrees and if so, what are they?

I have a JD and MBA from Florida State University, and I am currently pursuing my LL.M. through Andersen Tax’s affiliation with the University of San Francisco (expected graduation in 2019).

More About Christopher

What activities do you like to do outside of the office?

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, including the latest addition, Samuel Carreira, and friends, playing soccer, and traveling.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at Andersen Tax?

My first week with Andersen Tax (WTAS at the time) was spent in training in NYC and out on the Connecticut shore. It always stuck in my mind as memorable as it was my first week of my first “real” job (now career).  I was with a group of firm new hires not only from the NY metro area, but also from Florida, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. Although most of the individuals I vividly remember were part of my associate class from the NY metro area, I still run into one or two others from the other offices from time to time during management meetings.

Describe your career path and how you chose Andersen Tax.

My arrival at Andersen Tax was pure happenstance.  Going into my final semester of my joint JD/MBA program, I was still actively pursuing career opportunities because I did not want to be a litigation attorney. I found an interest in tax through the various tax law classes I elected to take as part of my JD path. During my last three years of the program, I held a small job at the business school career center where I was a greeter for companies and firms that came on campus for on-campus interviews.  One of the firms that came on campus was WTAS, which I never heard of before.  I researched the firm to learn more, and it turned out not only did WTAS do tax, but it also recently opened a Connecticut office. As a greeter, I had access to the interview schedules, so when one of the interviewers was free, I simply walked into the interview room with my resume and had a brief discussion with her about WTAS and my interest. She passed information on to Randy Macpherson, a current Managing Director, who was interviewing in the room next to us. I met them both later that afternoon and discussed WTAS some more. A few weeks later, I interviewed in NYC, and the rest is history.